29 May 2005

'Sow the Seeds of Faith' - Pitura Family Window

Pitura Family Window - Avonlea United Church
'Sow the Seeds of Faith'

Dedicated May 29, 2005

1950-51 - Following the move of the Avonlea United Church to Domain, the Pitura Family became active as new members in attending worship service and supporting the Church Community.

As our families grew, we became more a part and enjoyed the privilege of church fellowship.

We have fond memories of our children through Baptism, Sunday School, Confirmation and yes, Marriage to leave the nest and start their own.

Our daughters, Carolynne, Cheryl and Corie played the organ for a number of years, following Mrs. Haverstick and enjoyed many hours singing in the choir.

Today, we take time out. to pay tribute to the Church Community as recognition of past years.

The dedication of our family window is in some small way to appreciate the fruitful years of Fellowship. Our theme, 'Sow the Seed of Faith' is encompassing and challenging in today's world. Most are not farmers of the field, but the analogy is there, Plant a Seed of Faith today in your home, your place of work or your community about Faith in God to someone!

May those who enter this Sanctuary enjoy this art work in it's design and feel an inspiration in it's message. Only then will the 'Window' fulfill it's purpose and it's challenge to bring forth the message.

Our grateful thanks to our granddaughter, Katie Manness Klassen for exploring the theme and message from Ecclesiastes 11:6. It is also proper to recognize the artistic work of Mr. Ken Potter, Sperling, Man., in physically molding the window. The history composition is window glass from Sperling United Church, Brunkild St. Paul Church and a Jewel from Ireland.

In closing - our Family feels humble for the opportunity to express our thoughts along the Road of Life. May God Bless!

Carl F. Pitura