7 April 2007


Greetings to our Pitura/Petura Relations and Friends!

It is indeed a privilege to write this letter of “Welcome”.

Since our first (pilot project) of trying to discover our Roots and Family Tree in July 1995 in Winnipeg, we have come a fair distance. Our second Gathering was in 1998 in Okotokes, Alberta, our third in 2001 in Cobble Hill, British Columbia and in 2004 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Gatherings have been great for meeting and greeting old and new Family members, the opportunity to tour the city and area and of course to enjoy the hospitality of the host families. We usually explore and add another branch to the Family Tree.

Our common heritage began in Poland – some immigrated in the 1850’s and early 1900’s to establish a new way of life. The pioneer families had to work hard to survive in a new land and learn the language, etc. There was little or no time left for what we are enjoying today.

Each Gathering has carried with it a special uniqueness, character, and fellowship. We are truly blessed to have made the scan across the great country and return to home base in Winnipeg. As I review some of my files of our family Gatherings of past years, it is proper that we take a moment to remember those who have died… our thoughts are with the respective families.

One great accomplishment over the years, was the efforts of Barb (Pitura) and Ken Norton from Cobble Hill, BC in creating and printing a binder called “Recollections & Family Histories” in 2001. Hopefully as time goes on, we can add new “roots” and photos and happenings of our family to this binder.

We now look forward to our Family Gathering in Winnipeg, Manitoba in July 2007 and once again it is my pleasure to Welcome you to come and enjoy this Pitura/Petura party. With this letter, I would like to introduce, Carolynne Pitura, our eldest daughter, who has volunteered along with other family members to bring forth a committee to organize this special event. A comment from a recent TV credit card commercial… “There are things money can buy, and there are things credit cards can buy… but visiting with Family members and reminiscing your heritage and connecting… You cannot buy...it is priceless!!”

Best Wishes and may your planning for your July Holidays lead you to Winnipeg. More information to follow.

We’ll have a candle in the window! With love and warmest regards,

Clara and Carl