25 December 2016

Christmas Letter 2016

To the Pitura/ Petura Clan

The first 3 ½ months of the New Year were spent in Fountain of the Sun in Mesa, Arizona, Corie accompanied Dad to open the Condo, grocery shop and make homemade soups and stews for the freezer, plus other goodies!

Parcel 11 friends and neighbours were out to welcome Dad and Corie and offer support - not easy – with memories of Mom’s fractured hip in the living room – and at the same time – Happy Memories – over 25 years.

As I write this letter – my daily calendar from Nov 22, 2014 with a summary of Mom’s surgery is beside me.....family visits – healing – first steps – recovery and Dr. Thompson at the HSC saying “You have healed like a young lady…. You can return to Mesa, healed and doing well, to golf, dance and enjoy your winter.” Three hours later we lose Mom at the Victoria ER – complications?

To move forward, Dad drew up a “proposed schedule” where by family could pick a time to visit Dad over the winter (the last 2 years) and to avoid complications….. a week or a weekend…… whatever would work to give support and healing for Dad…… very pleased!

Returned to Winnipeg on April 6th about midnight. Carolynne met Dad at the Winnipeg Airport and drove home to #208 at the Canoe Club. Groceries were already waiting as Corie had stocked the cupboards for Dad’s return.

The Canoe Club is a tremendous facility with all its options and services for meals, programs to attend, supports and emergency links if required. Mom would have loved the condo with its large, bright windows and the 9 foot granite island in the kitchen to entertain the family from.

Health – Carl is thankful for the blessing of good health – a fitness program and able to golf with friend George a couple times a week. Also for Medipac insurance and one more winter ESCAPE! Also able to visit at the farm with Calvin, Connor and Tom (Calvin’s son in law) and spending time with family.

Our family has had a good year…… health, work and studies have improved in 2016 and at this time we are all doing well…..Meet our family:

Carolynne and John live north of Winnipeg, both retired educators. Calvin, Barb and Connor at Pitura Seed Farm in Domain. Sheena, Tom and Blair (age almost 2) live in Winnipeg with Tom working at the Seed plant with Calvin and Connor. Cheryl and Craig live in Calgary, Katie, Mike and Emma (age 13), Jennifer and Jon, and Victoria. Corie and Don, Brenden and Caelyn all live and work in Winnipeg.

Our Christmas Message
May you enjoy the Best of Health and a Happy Holiday Season with Family, Friends and be thankful for your Blessings! Till we meet again!

Love, Grandpa Carl, and Granny’s Angels (Mom, Clara)