21 February 2006

Frank Petura's Trip to Ukraine & Poland 2005

Below is a brief description of the photos from our 2005 Trip to Ukraine & Poland:

- Our driver and translator on tour in the Ukraine – Volodymyr and Russlan.
- Farm land near ancestral homes.
- Site of my Dad’s original home which was replaced by house shown.
- Land that was farmed by my Dad’s family straight back from their house to trees beyond.
- The following graves and markers of deceased family members.
- Note marker indicating death in 1934 – this is my Dad’s sister.
- Picture of most of our family living in village of Peremiluv. The lady with vertical striped blouse in front row, is my cousin who traveled with us. She spoke Ukrainian.
- Picture of 7 of us with lake behind them came to see off on our last day at Ternopil where we stayed at Hotel.
- From this point on Pictures were taken in the Ottynia area where my mother was born 50 miles or so away. Mom and Dad did not know each other in Galacia but met in Canada by chance.
- Pictures of cemeteries in Ottynia area were so neglected as the trees and forest have encroached on it to prevent one from entering.
- My sister Mildred viewing the land near Ottynia, probably imaging how our family lived there and why they eventually immigrated to Canada.
- Eventually you will see the only Roman Catholic Church in the whole area. The Russians converted it to a granary during the war. You will see upon inspection of structure many bullet and shell damage. I imagine there was more as there was some indication of repairs. The plaque on the church in the following picture commemorates an important victory over the Austrians in an earlier war.
- Here are more Greek Orthodox churches which are predominant in all of Ukraine.
- Some pictures later you will see a stork nest on a pole. This is a common scene.
- Cows walking don one of their better roads.
- Myself (Frank), Lois (my wife), Mildred (my sister) and Stephie (my cousin on Pitura sides of family). Stephie only came along with us on the Village tours in the Ukraine.
- You will note pictures I took of President Vicktor Yushenko on a chance meeting in a flea market in Southern Ukraine in the Carpathian Mountains.

Frank Petura