21 December 2015

Christmas Letter 2015 To the Pitura/Petura Clan

November 23, 2014 – December 10, 2014: Biggest Tragedy in our Family’s Life!

It happened in Fountain of the Sun, Mesa, Arizona. Mom fractured her hip getting dinner ready in our condo.

It was a normal afternoon, about 72 degrees, sunny – we enjoyed the group of Social Seniors 10th Hole. After golf and home for dinner, Mom just went down on the carpet, unable to get up, even on a chair. Our neighbours, Jim and Shirley Grindberg, assisted in calling an ambulance to get Clara to Vista Mountain Hospital for x-rays and procedures.

Decision was made and Mom’s wish also to air ambulance to HSC in Winnipeg for surgery. Nov 23rd, next evening, Medipac Insurance arranged a Leer Jet to Winnipeg in less than 3 hours. Mom was home with family attending, ready for surgery and recovery to follow with prayers. About the hip fracture surgery – all went well in Dr. Graham’s assessment. Family support and Corie with Mom at and after surgery on Nov 25th. Clara’s therapy was at Seven Oaks Hospital from Dec 1 to 5 and home to Norman Park for further recovery with family attending.

Dec 10th Clara had an appointment with Dr. Graham to x-ray and remove the staples. Dr. commented that “Your Mom has healed very well.” “Hip is like new”. Cheryl, Barb and Carl attended. 3 hours later – 911 called – emergency to Victoria Hospital – all the efforts of ER and Prayers We lost Mom …… an pulmonary embolism!

Our attending family was in total shock! How could this happen so quick – from a healthy person – only time in hospital was having family ( 5 children) – to be taken away so quickly. Back to Fountain of the Sun, Mesa – Clara and Carl left so quickly, the condo, food and car left in the hands of the neighbours to take care of.

Clara’s funeral was Dec 15th at 10:00 am at Trinity United Church with Rev Millie Malavsky and Avonlea United Church Choir – message of “hope” by song and word and family tributes. Christmas 2014 was not “Merry”. Family gatherings were hurting, empty and sad! How could this happen so quickly ? What went wrong?

Our “Family Chapter” of Life came to an End! Clara and Carl were blessed with 63 years and 27 days of togetherness and our family members 21 in all. Clara’s birthday was January 13, 1931 and she would have enjoyed 84 years. The Captains’ Chair at our table is Empty! She’s gone!

“You can remember her only that she is gone – or you can cherish her memory and let it love on!” Following couple weeks were like STONE! Family, as they were able, would stay an evening or weekend with Dad, as you know, it was not easy! Discussion followed about Dad – does he grieve in Norman Park with all around winter or does he grieve with friends in sunny Arizona ( over 20 years). Interesting, in the process, a conference all from Jerry and Joann Flanigan, neighbours in Mesa, and their support made the decision for Carl to return to Mesa to heal and try to move forward.

Jan 16, 2015, daughter Corie and Carl flew West Jet to Arizona – 3 hours 15 minutes – not easy without Mom. Next 12 weeks, family support in visits with Dad were gratifying – alone a total of only 4 weeks out of 12.

Return to Norman Park in April 2015 – was not easy! We enjoyed the location for over 19 years. Prior to Clara and Carl had talked about downsizing – arranged to see a unit in the Canoe Club – liked the layout and a 9 foot granite island – we purchased it – Regrets….. Mom never moved in and was unable to enjoy.

Carl now resides at 208- 401 Dunkirk Drive, Winnipeg – senior retirement facility. Carl was blessed with a 90th birthday on May 28, 2015. Cheryl , Craig from Calgary and Barb and Calvin hosted a family dinner at the family farm which was enjoyed by all!
Our Christmas Message

May you all enjoy the Best of Health and a Peaceful Holiday Season with family and friends and be Thankful. May God Bless! Until we meet again!

Love, Clara’s Angels and Carl F. Pitura

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