24 December 2014

2014 Christmas Letter

{ Note: This letter was written by Carl prior to the sudden passing of Clara. }

To the Petura / Pitura Clan,

Once again it is a privilege to be in touch with our family members. In our senior years we feel life speeds up - even though the days have the same number of hours and the weeks are still seven days long. Days that used to drag by - are over in a "Flash"! When life is good we wish we could hit the hold button, such as special events with family and friends, birthdays, and sunsets, etc.

We are both in good health, along with our family we give thanks. We celebrated Thanksgiving Dinner at our condo. We enjoyed blessings on our table - our condo can seat 12-13, a touch tight, usual tradition with every family member bringing a dish.

Also the next day, October 13, Clara and I celebrated out 63rd Wedding Anniversary - with gratitude - the road of life has been good to us! What a blessing! Clara should receive an award!

Clara has been introduced to an iPad from daughter Cheryl, and not with today's technology is able to send short messages with the touch of a finger - with no limits, and photos. Really exciting!

A note about our winter escape - we look forward to one more year! The past 24+ years we would drive 1900 miles taking about 27 hours on the highways. Our family voted to drive the car with 5 1/2 months of living (clothes, golf clubs, etc) to Arizona. Corie and Don have offered and now our journey is changed to 3 hours plus 2 hours at airport. It is an easy lifestyle - over the years we have made many friends in the community golfing, church, and great fellowship, and of course Arizona Sunshine!

Our Christmas Message:
May you all enjoy the best of health and a beautiful and peaceful holiday season with family and friends, and be thankful. May God bless!

'Till we meet again. Love,
Clara & Carl F. Pitura

Also please read Carl's article - Past Patient Pays Tribute To Vic Oncology Team For Clean Bill Of Health (pg 3). http://www.vgh.mb.ca/foundation/documents/TheVicNewsletter-Issue6.pdf

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