2 December 2014

The Tradition of Tradition

Stemming from five generations back, in the historic country of Poland in Eastern Europe to the city life of a family in Western Canada, there’s a family who’s striving to preserve their heritage. Interestingly it doesn’t involve fancy, state-of-the-art technology or the latest app. It’s founded in flour and water, some potatoes and cheese, around a Christmas tree, with lots of laughter and reminiscing.

A family tradition is like a well-worn but welcoming quilt. Enveloping, warm, and comforting. Cocoon yourself in tradition and see what transpires. Whether a tradition is lived out in the family room or kitchen, you’re creating a museum of memories for your loved ones.

That’s exactly what the Pitura/Manness family has done for five generations, touching on two continents and involving hundreds, perhaps thousands of doughy little morsels. Yes, it’s the humble, but mighty perogy. This family has built a Christmas tradition around the perogy, the staple of every good Polish kitchen.

It began with Clara Pitura’s mother who was an avid perogy maker. Clara says she had no desire to learn this Polish culinary dish, but there came a point in her life when she had to step into the kitchen to learn on her own. She mastered cheese and potato perogies as well as the always-delightful saskatoon and blueberry ones that came out of her loving kitchen for her family.

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Granny's Perogie Receipe: http://www.dotemagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Perogies-Recipies.jpg

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